The Nerd

Girl typing on laptop.

Hey, there nerd!

Welcome to my virtual home.

Maybe you’re new here.

Maybe you’re a long-time follower.

Anyway, welcome! Pull up a seat, find a cozy spot, get a drink, and stay for a while.

And let me tell you a little about myself in my typical raw and messy fashion:

I’m Katie.

I love to write, but I have crippling perfectionist tendencies that often hold me back.

I care deeply about social issues and people, but I have a level of empathy that gets me in trouble and taken advantage of.

I’m mentally living in a place between rural Appalachia and the wealthier circles of “educated” progressives.

I’m fantastic at taking care of others, but I also have scars on my arms from secretly cutting in high school.

I deliver Christmas presents every year to a grandma who doesn’t open the door when I knock, but I didn’t call or visit for ten years the older woman who babysat and helped raised me before she died with a picture of my sisters and I on her dresser.

As a Guillain-Barre survivor and Chiarian, I know what it’s like to be healthy one day and to be staring Death in the face the next.

I love to be held more than I like having sex or going on dates.

I miss my friends that are far away and some of my virtual Instagram friends who I have never met in person.

I’m great at listening, but I’m terrible at explaining what hurts me until it’s too late and I explode.

I curate and create content that teaches others to be sex-positive, but I’ve never had an orgasm and usually dissociate during sex.

I’m weird, but I’ve fully embraced that weirdness over the past two years.

I’m a mess, but from this mess comes some pretty amazing and creative things that can be both raw and endearing.

Most of all, I’m a writer and creator.

I started this blog to help me break through my writer’s block and get back to what I love doing the most: putting words to paper and molding them into some sort of story.

And to unite a group of people who have one characteristic in common: an unquenchable thirst for learning.

Maybe you love learning about fitness. Maybe writing. Maybe it’s Harry Potter. Maybe education or art or indie music or urban planning or business. Or everything.

It doesn’t matter. We all have the thing or things that we love to geek out on and can’t get enough of.

And I hope I make you uncomfortable while you are here.

So dig around and explore a bit.

Think of my blog as a virtual community bookshelf.

I may be the main writer, but I feature other content creators.

I love making booksticles and podsticles of my favorite books and podcasts to share with you so you might find something you like, too.

I hope you lean into that discomfort and learn something and share something and maybe write or read or paint something that was inspired from being in this creative nerdy space.

And please, write to me! Ask me questions. Share your experiences and ideas. Tell me that I pissed you off. Tell me when you feel lonely and just need someone to write to.

So, welcome again! And I hope you stick around for a bit.

Stay nerdy!


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