Welcome to This Nerdy Girl Blog by Katie Vann

Welcome to the This Nerdy Girl blog!

If you’re like me, you love office supplies and writing.

There’s nothing better than a fresh, crisp notebook, a good pen, and some new ideas you can’t wait to scribble out.

That’s part of my why for starting the This Nerdy Girl blog.

I needed an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas with other nerds.

And I love it.

My blog covers a variety of topics related to a nerdy lifestyle, including intersectional feminism, blogging, books, writing, podcasts, and social media.

So, feel free to explore this creative space to your nerdy heart’s desire.

And, if you feel inspired to take the leap to carve out your own digital space in the virtual world, take a look at how to start your own blog.

Stay nerdy!

Blog Topics

Intersectional Feminism

What is intersectional feminism? In this section, I answer that question (or at least attempt to!). And I prove you with a crash course through Intersection Feminism 101.

My posts cover topics related to the intersection of marginalized identities including race, class, religion, disability, and gender and sexuality. You’ll walk away with a ton of resources and hopefully a new, more curious and tolerant view of the world around you.

Sex and Relationships

What does it mean to be a sex-positive content creator? It means I curate and create content that encourages others to embrace their sexuality and not see sex as something dirty or shameful.

You’ll find plenty of sex-positive resources and personal stories in this section. You’ll also learn about the sex industry and why sex work is real work.


I absolutely love lists. And I love them, even more, when they include one of my other favorite things – books. Pick a topic and I guarantee I have a booklist for you to explore it in more detail and from voices that are different from your own.


Just like I love a good book list, I also love a great list of podcasts to help flesh out my knowledge or challenge my perspective on a particular topic. I’m constantly consuming content and podcasts are an excellent way to consume great ear candy storytelling.


Blogging is a great way to get your voice out into the world if you love to write. And, with the digital landscape continuing to expand, it’s never too late to claim your own place of virtual real estate and start telling your story to the world.

I provide you with some tips and tricks for how to get your blog optimized and ready for your audience, especially if you are a new blogger gearing up to meet your readers for the first time.

Don’t forget to check out my all-time favorite list of best blogging tools and resources.

Social Media

Oh, social media. I have such a love-hate relationship with you. I love the people I meet online, the communities you have helped me to build, and the storytelling I have enjoyed both as a creator and a consumer. But the staggering pace of the updates and changes to the social media world sometimes feel like they are happening at a pace that gives me whiplash.

But with over 25,000+ followers on LinkedIn, I do know a thing or two about nurturing an online audience through social media channels. You’ll find my latest tips, tricks, and social media branding advice in this section to help keep you afloat of any recent algorithm changes and latest social media trends.


It took me until my late twenties to realize that being a full-blown nerd is such an incredible business asset. I love to read, write, and research to the point of obsession — and that’s perfect for the business world. If you have a creative idea or a business dream you want to pursue, but not sure how to make your dreams and goals take flight — start here.

I have over a decade of experience working and writing for startups, corporations, small businesses, and running my own LLC. I’m not shy about showing what I’ve learned along the way.


If I could pick one of my major weaknesses, it would be my inability to adequately take care of myself. I’m fantastic at taking care of others…but I struggle to apply that same care and concern to my own mind and body.

As a recovering workaholic and perfectionist, I have spent time collecting resources and teaching myself to take care of the most important person in my life — me.