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Hey there, nerds.

If you’re anything like me, you are probably moving through life at light speed.

You have a packed schedule full of committments for work, friends, and, well, reading and learning.

And while these are all things that are very important to our well-being, we sometimes forget to schedule in time for the most important person in our lives.


How’s your health? Are you happy? Tired? Energized? Mentally on auto-pilot?

Did you drink enough water today? Did you eat? How’s your sleep? When’s the last time you went outside?

While we are out living life, we sometimes forget to check in with ourselves.

This section of the This Nerdy Girl blog is dedicated to helping you slow down and check in with yourself.

It’s a space dedicated to helping you stay healthy and happy so you can chase those goals, write those books, and explore the world that so desperately needs a nerd like you.

*In addition to the blog posts below, feel free to check out the Self-Care and Fitness and Health boards on This Nerdy Girl’s Pinterest profile.

Health and Self-care Blog Posts